The most important day in the calendar of Moščenice is the Kandalora or candle festivity, where the faithful locals take a candle for blessing to the church of Sv. Andrija; this date is celebrated as a historically significant day in early February.

The history of the place Moščenice experienced one of its highlights in the first half of the 17th century with its own Statute. Important for the story of Mošćenice is the Negovetich de Cumbox family which was knighted in 1687. Another family which cannot be avoided in the history of Mošćenice are the Habsburgs, whose family crest and the year of the rebuilding is still visible on the city gate. As part of the new Austrian territories Moščenice became an independent municipality in 1896.

Visit the ethnographic collection, right at the gate to the old town, where even today a considerable number of traditional folk costumes, tools and decorative utensils are kept – all witnesses of the life of our ancestors. Right next door, the old olive mill waits for you – the Mošćenički Toš – over three hundred years old and a symbol of this medieval town. Do not forget to drop by the town loggia, the Strażnica, then look into the past at the Kosnica, the square behind the church – once a local cemetery; it goes on to the former town cistern, the Šterna, then up to the castle at the city gate, today the elementary school. In the ground floor is a gallery and a showroom. According to the Law on the Protection of Historical Monuments, the old town of Moščenice has been added to the list of the immovable cultural heritage in 1968.

In any case, the rich sacral heritage in Moščenice is worth seeing, so you should take the time to study everything thoroughly. Here is a list: the parish church of Sv. Andrija Apostol, the churches of Sv. Bartol and Sv. Sebastijan and the chapel Križni put on the Kalvarija Hill. Besides the Perun restaurant and pension, there is a new tavern called ‘Tu Tamo’ in the heart of Moščenice. Romantic private rooms and beautiful apartments can be rented in the old town and the surrounding area.

A street leads from Mošćenice – you can walk or drive; who prefers the stairs, they will take him down to the Sv. Ivan beach.