Mošćenička Draga

Mošćenička Draga is a famous tourist destination that consists of the following places: Moščenićka Draga, Brseč, Moščenice and many smaller settlements, which are distributed all over the surrounding mountains. From a small fishing village Mošćenićka Draga has developed into a true pearl on the Opatija Riviera. With its architecture and the typical Mediterranean touch, it reminds of the Italian Portofino.

 The municipality of Moščenićka Draga has 1500 registered residents while in summer this number grows to 2500. Visitors are offered accommodation in private houses, apartments and rooms, in the hotels Marina and Mediterranean, at the Draga Camp and in holiday homes – for the most part these are renovated stone houses on mountain slopes and luxury villas along the beach promenade Lungomare. In addition, Moščenićka Draga offers excellent seafood restaurants, and inns known for their tradition, as well as sports clubs with versatile offer, tourism for amateur athletes and many hiking trails for nature lovers. Moščenićka Draga also has a lot of culture and history to offer – their biggest pride is the old town of Moščenice, followed by Brseč, many churches, the legacy of the Glagolithic script and several other witnesses of history and traces of ancient culture that are worth visiting.