In summer there are many events organized in Moščenićka Draga, for its  inhabitants, as well as all for their guests, such as the annual Fishermen’s Nights, and in mid-July, the large Festival called Marinina held in the week of St. Marina’s Day (the week of July 17th). This festivity is the anniversary of the community and the feast of the patron saint of Mošćenićka Draga – St. Marina. That’s why this day is celebrated together with the Church. The celebration includes the traditional regatta of old wooden sailing boats, to evenings of “klapa” vocal groups singing authentic local songs, poetry evenings, theatre performances and music events on the beach, typical coastal music and songs, choirs, soloists and jazz concerts that take place at the edge of the beach, in the Old Town of Mošćenice, the art colony week “Mošćenički pinelić”, the Blues Festival and the event “Happening na sterni” (on the cistern) in Brseč.

In the winter months well-attended Christmas and Easter concerts are held in the parish church of Sv. Andrija in Moščenice and Sv. Aurelije in Brseč. Also, the Carnival is worth a trip – the peak is the final parade on the Kvarner which is the most famous in the country. After the Carnival parades ends in all the surrounding towns and in Rijeka – in Moščenićka Draga the people have their Gobot, the Carnival mascot, rocketed into space. This is a tradition of 40 years. Of course, before the actual launching a ‘verdict must be reached’, and the Gobot is found guilty for everything bad that has happened to the in the last year. The background of the entire event is the sound of music, loud laughter, cod-fish and a big fun for everyone.