Mythological Historical Path of Trebišće

Discover with us on this historic trail the secrets of the religion and mythology of the ancient Slavs, including an account of who the Slavs actually were, where they came from and how they settled in Istria.

The historians established that the locations of Trebišće and Perun were chosen as their places of worship, the main gods of their pantheon being Perun and Veles. It is mainly around these two gods that the mythical stories evolved, symbolizing the cycle of life and natural events, which was of great importance for survival in the newly acquired lands. We now have historical proof that the slopes of the Učka Mountain were sacred to the Slav settlers of the Kvarner Bay.

The excursion will be organized upon request for at least 25 persons and it includes: Kn 100,00 per person

  • hiking with a guide to the village of Trebišće
  • picnic-lunch with wine and wather
  • natural and historical experience/museum collection
  • performance directed by the Perunika theater
  • fresh water source.

trebisce-isjecakThe tour begins at the intersection of Moščenićka Draga –  10:30 – a tour guide leads the guests to the village Trebišće, for a theater performance about mythology and then for lunch – a traditional Istrian dish. Then the tour continues to the exhibition of old photographs about the explorations of this area and the maps of this region. On the way back a different path is chosen towards the church Sv. Petar. The trip takes 4-5 hours. If the group wants to hike to the mountain Perun, it takes an hour longer.
Technical direction: Mario Zaccaria